Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mini Goals Week 8

Aww! I don't have one yet! I'm such a slacker! I have a few in my head that I know I need to work one, but I have zero enthusiasm this week to actually do it! That sounds terrible, but it's true. I'll take this week off, rest up, and rock and roll again next week! Last week's mini goal was to make a new recipe once a day, I did it and it was not only FUN but YUMMY! I also had a few friends call or email me that also tried a new recipe! I got to sample my good friends Jennies "Death by Chocolate Cake". Oh, man. It was hard to share with the kids on that one. It was good!Most of the new menu items I made turned out pretty good and I added them to my list on the back of the cupboard door of meal and side ideas.
Here are the yummy new names of what I made:
Inside out BLT's
Garlic potato side dish
Chocolate cream cheese
Pieporcupine balls
Orange chickenSpinach and corn salad w/ lime juice
Peach pork chops
Artichoke/spinach dip
Rice krispy treats with peanut butter and chocolate chips
Not all in one day of course! :) I have a few other I will be making and wil lpost about those later!