Friday, July 23, 2010

The outside

Here is a shot of the outside of our beautiful home. (I spy a sweet baby crying his eyes out because his mommy put him down for 3 seconds to take a couple pictures of the outside. Do you see him? He's screaming!) It has 5 garages, which seems like a whole lot, but it ends up being perfect for us. Papa Bill bought the home last year and we're renting it from him. So, he has some of his stuff in the detached 2-car garage and then our two vehicles are in the regular garage. Our house is set off the street with a long drive way to our home. Many years ago the lot was a huge long lot that housed a small brick home right off the street. The owner sold off the front 1/3 of the property and built a home on the back 2/3 of the property, where we're currently living.

Papa Bill put in grass with a sprinkler system, paved the long driveway and put in this beautiful flagpole. (He over heard me saying I'd love my home to have one in front!) Behind that fence (between the home and detached garage) is pour church parking lot! On the other side of the parking lot is a street of homes and then the next street is the boys new school. It takes me longer to drive tot he boys school than for them to cut through on their bikes or scooters. More photos of our home to come...We're still unpacking and decorating!