Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am needing YOUR help, again! Which picture do you like best that describes the word, "Calm"?
#1 Jackson being "calm" lounging in the pool, soaking up rays from the sun with no care in the world...
#2 Usually in a pool there is slashing all around from moving, kicking feet. So, these feet look calm enjoying the cool refreshing water.
#3 I like this picture because it looks like two boys with not a care in the world being "calm" relaxing in the pool.

What do YOU think? Which picture do you like the best?


rachel said...

I like #2 best and then #3. All very calming though. That's a toughy! I want to dive in!

Laura said...

I like #3. I love that they are just holding hands and drifting. I could use some of that with my hubby. We are going to go to a lazy river today. I think i will have him hold my hand as we drift :)

mrsjohn said...
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