Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silly boy!

Brig's usually wakes up between 8-9 and starts shouting either MOM or DAD...OUT. His yells get louder and's pretty funny. Yesterday morning it's a little after 9 and I'm thinking there is no way he can still be sleeping. I walk by his door and hear him singing. A cute gibberish lyric. I was pretty amazed because he'll play for a short while then start yelling for us to get him OUT. I slowly open the door and he's sitting on his bed with a bunch of candy in his hands and mouth. The wrappers are all over the floor. We're talking like 10 plus pieces! OH MAN! Last night we went to our cousin Ty's birthday party where they had a Spider man pinata. Brigham filled his pockets with the loot and forgot about it. He went to bed shortly after we arrived home, in his clothes no less. He remembered in the morning and was in heaven. Candy for breakfast. Breakfast in bed. How lovely!


Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Awesome! Nothing better than discovering forgotten goodies! unless it's money... but really, what are you gonna spend that money on anyway? that's right, goodies!

Deanna said...

When it's too quiet that's always a bad least he was enjoying himself. :)