Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day!

Our family participated in the Butlerville Days Parade in Cottonwood Heights area. The boys all dressed up and we decorated their bikes. They handed out candy for us to through at the spectators. It was a super hot (90's!!) but it was a lot of dun and we're all glad we volunteered.

Jackson and Gavin were dresses like pioneers and Tyler was dressed up as a cowboy. I walked with them in the parade while they rode their bikes. I held water bottles and a water bottle sprayer thingy that I used to cool the boys down ever few minutes.
I still have a bunch of my craft items in boxes that I haven't unpacked yet, so it was a little tricky getting their costumes and bikes decorated. I found some extra fabric I cute and used to make Gavin's bandanna and Jackson's foe suspender's.
Notice the drip of sweat running slowly down Jack's check...
it was H-O-T!!
After the parade at a local park there were jumpers, rock walls, face painting, food vendors, crafts and games, balloon animals, hair spray area and lots more fun things to do. There were also lots of free food samples.
Nathan cooling down eating some grapes and watermelon. You can't tell here, but we kept dripping water on his hat to keep him cool too.
Colored hair spray + face painting + water sprayed from a fire fighter's hose = Jackson's picture...

Happy, happy Pioneer Day to all!!!