Sunday, July 11, 2010

Las Vegas

When we drove out of Santa Barbara we headed straight for Vegas baby! We love, love visiting that place. We have some great friends, some family, and lots of places we enjoy taking the kids to. This trip was a super quick one though. We pulled in around 6pm and headed straight for the pool. The resort is fun to stay at because it has a kiddy pool area, a lazy river, a regular pool, several huge Jacuzzi....We always have a blast there. We put the kiddos to bed and headed out on a double date with Paul and Laura, Scott's younger brother. Like always, we had a blast with them. The next morning we invited them and their 4 kids to join us one more time to hang out and play in the pool with us.

The kids, and I include Scott and Paul, we splashin' around having a great time. Cute Seth wearing baby Preston's hat.
The playing became wrestling time in the kiddy pool.

Cute Isabell watching how wild all the boys are, especially the dads! Laura and baby Preston chillin' in the water.

Here's Paul teaching the kids to jump like a frog out of the water. It was so funny to watch. More wrestling...

It was fun to be with such great company on a hot summer day splashing in the cool pools. THANKS for joining us Thompson's! We love you!!