Saturday, July 31, 2010

Master Bedroom/Office and Bath

My bedroom/office is almost done so I wanted to share some picture with you. I am still needing to unpack few more boxes and add some decor, but here it is!
You enter my bedroom from the top level through french doors (2 doors, extra large entry!) SO beautiful. The entire upstairs has vaulted ceilings, beautiful woof shades, great carpet, and molding. P.S. great lookin' bed...right? Scott made that for me with some help from Papa!! Thanks guys!

The door leads to the master Bath, which I'll show you in a little bit...
Our room is pretty large and long. So we decided to split it in half and make part of it our office. We used our dresser to divide the room up a bit. Not the greatest solution but it work for us right now.
The master bath has a huge jacuzzi tub. I've only taken a tubby time 1once in there, but come winter I'll almost live in there!
The shower is pretty spacious with beautiful tile everywhere. It has a main shower head, another one you can move, and 4 smaller lower side sprayers. The bathroom has double sinks, which is wonderful! The toilet is in another separate room opposite the sinks. Love that feature too!
There is a great walk-in closet that Scott and I share with baby Nathan sometimes! (When Brig's is taking his nap we like to put Nathan is here for his)

There it is! We are truly blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful home with so many extra features. It fits our family perfectly!

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Sarah said...

thats quite a step up from storke family student housing!
*dreaming* someday we will reach that step!!!