Friday, July 30, 2010

Donut Falls...Sounds yummy!

The other day we decided to go to Donut Falls for a family hike. It's been really warm here and when you're up in the mountains it's much cooler. It was a pretty easy hike. A little over a mile to the top, a real cool waterfall that is falling between the rocks. The rocks form a donut shape while the rushing cold water pours through it. It was beautiful and fun!

I am a little scared of height and don't enjoy climbing up steep, slick rocks. I was totally out of my comfort zone and climbed right up. I'm glad I did and was real proud of myself!

Tyler and Will hiked to the top. If you look to the left of Tyler in the cave you see the water dumping inside, that's the "donut".

The boys took of their shirts and played around in the cool refreshing water. It was fun! We ran down the hill and raced each other. TO the first stop, the bridge, Jackson won. The second stop was to the car and Will won that leg.

Sweet Scott held Nater's the whole time on his back. He was pretty sweaty afterwards!
Me and my boys!
I you can believe it, I forgot my camera...Scott took all these shots on his phone. That's why I'm in so many of them! :)