Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day! We had a bunch of family over for Sunday night dinner then we lit some fireworks. It was fun! Greg said before he hated fireworks! Who can say that? How can anyone HATE fireworks? So, I kept him busy by lighting most of them. After he did admit it was fun!

A bunch of my girl cousins! Kelsey, Bubbles, Brynn, me Ang, Aleigh and my sweet baby dolly boy Nathan. What a good lookin' group of girls!
Bubbles with her adorable daughter Mara. What great smiles they both have!
Brynnlee and Zak. Those two cute love birds!!
Aleigh, JJ and Nathan. What great family I have!!
We had a FUN evening! Thanks Pioneer's for trekking through the mountains to get get so we could be in a parade and light fireworks!