Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mini Goals

I've been slackin' on my mini goals. I've been working on a few different ones, just not posting about them. Sorry. The more people I tell, the harder I work at it because I was to succeed and not fail. So, I really need to get back into the habit of posting about them. Here are some I've been working on and completed with flying colors...

I stopped drinking soda for the week, and then stuck with it. I have been soda free for 3 weeks now. (I still want it so bad. Just a small sip. Hmmm, sounds so good!!!)

Take photos of my boys and me everyday for an entire week. Wasn't too hard I feel like my camera is with me almost 24-7, but I made a conscious effort to take one of each of my boys and me together everyday. Turned out great. So many lasting memories.

To make and bake either a homemade meal or dessert everyday for the week. All I can say about that is YUMMY!

Hmmm....I don't remember the others....But I have been a little busy with packing, vacationing, and moving in to my new home in Utah!

Another great activity I started with the boys is memorizing a scripture every Sunday. It's not really a weekly goal, but it's been a great experience so far. We started with the Article of Faith. Before church we talk about what the Article of Faith means and recite it a few times together and individually. We review after church and all through the day until everyone can say it (Will, Jackson, Tyler, Gavin mom and dad). Cute Brigs will mumble a few sentences when it's his turn. It's helped to sing the songs during the week and on Sunday to review with the boys. After the Articles of Faith we're moving on to scripture mastery's. How cool is that?

Ok so this weeks goal...This may sound lame, but I really, really, really need to unpack and organize my office. That's what I'll focus on and do this week!

What are YOU working on??


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

my one and only goal this summer is to make sure it feels like summertime! we've always schooled through the summers and this year i vowed it would be different. mondays we clean house and then the rest of the week we're "free" to go and play. we've tried to make a list and do two things a week! can't believe we have less than 25 days left! still feels like we haven't done all of the "relaxing" needed before heading back to school...and then there's still school shopping!

Becca said...

We actually have the same goal of the artricls of faith to we have been working on the until at least James and Hannah have them memorized then move on to the next one. We also include the into scripture time as we are learning them. This way we get to understand what each part of the article means.

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

What a great idea! mini-goals! awespme! ok, so I'm gonna think of at least one and post on my blog. :)