Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chipping some wood

We had 4 huge, super tall, pine trees in our backyard. But sadly, they were dying. So, we had a guy come out and cut them down. I thought of the great idea to rent a chipper thingy and use the wood chips for the driveway area. (Note to self...NEVER a good idea. Way too much work and effort! We about died of exhaustion!!)
So here we begin the extremely hard feat!
My turn to push them into the machine.
4 hours later with cuts and bruises everywhere...We all took turns scooping the chips into the wheelbarrows. (Even Jackson's friend Lily came to help!)

Will did so much work, we sure appreciate all his hard work and effort those 2 days!! GREAT JOB WILL!!!

So many piles!
Oh man after all that, I don't have a "completed" photo for you! Rats! Well, we plan on planting bushes of some kind soon. It looks real nice and smells yummy too! Please use your imagination! :)

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

I can see it! gorgeous :) it's always worth it...to do it yourself :) we're learning that...so much work..doesn't always seem as quick and simple as first thought...but the satisfaction...ahhhh...so worth it! love the house...is that your yard to the left of the drive? love that you have yard space :)