Friday, July 9, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

I came across this short video the other day and it was so inspiring that I wanted to share it with all of you! When I was younger, I wanted to get married and have children. I've always wanted to me a mom. I love having 6 boys, but as you may know, being a mother is hard a lot of the time. This video reassures me of my choices in life and affirms to me that what I am doing is right and sacred. I am thankful for my calling in life to be a mom. Especially to these 6 boys. I was raised by a single parent and an older brother. (We lived with my Gram for 12 years also). There were not a lot of male role models, father figures or the priesthood in my home. I learned a great deal about the priesthood in college and especially on my mission. I am so grateful now to be able to teach and share my testimony and knowledge with these wonderful boys. On the drive up to Utah from California I wrote a poem about my sons. (I have written like 5 poems in my entire life, I'm not very good at poetry...So this is huge for me!!)

I am a mother of 6 children.

I am a mother of 6 boys.

I am a mother of 6 future Eagle scouts.

I am a mother of 6 future priesthood holders.

I am a mother of 6 future return missionaries.

I am a mother of 6 future college graduates.

I am a mother of 6 future husbands.

I am a mother of 6 future fathers.

I am a mother of 6 wonderful human beings.

I am a MOTHER.


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

love the poem! such amazing young men you are mothering too! we love you guys!

Becca said...

I likef that viedo, especially where the family prayer with all the wiggly kids. Thanks for sharing.