Friday, July 30, 2010

10 Months Old!

I remembered late last night that my sweet baby turned 10 months old! Holy smokes...Where has the time gone?! He is still so small, but growing and changing daily! How can I stop it? If you know, please fill me in.

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet baby doll Nathan. Nater's. Nate.

Here are the TOP TEN thing's I just LOVE about him.

1. His smile. It's contagious! He is so smiley, always has been. He lights up a room when you walk in!

2. He giggles the cutest little giggle you ever had heard. The brothers are all real cute with him and make him laugh all the time. It's truly the best sound in the world!

3. He claps so well, and on cue! We'll say "Clapa, clapa, clapa" And he'll clap (with his huge smile!) It's so cute.

4. He sleeps so well. I love that he's easy to put to sleep, he takes long naps and sleeps through the night.

5. His crawl is adorable. He's all over the place and super fast too. He crawls on his left knee and right foot. It's so funny!

6. He loved his tubby time. He'll babble away splashin the water and have a ball. I put him in the sink in the laundry room while I do the laundry. He loves it and I love it!

7. He is so easy going. We all run around doing errands and he just comes along for the ride. Hardly ever complains. A great 6th child!

8. He is so easily entertained. I can hand him my cell phone or a hair clip and he'll be busy for a while. With his toys he's in heaven. He loved to tip over his toy basket and pull out all the soft noisy toys.

9. He nurses so easily and fast. 5-7 minutes on each side. Now that works great with my busy schedule!

10. He loves his mommy. His eyes light up when he sees me. He crawl extra fast to get to me or cruise in his walker to where I am standing. I sure do love that little guy!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!