Saturday, July 31, 2010

The ditch...and my backyard!

Here is the view off my deck in the back. It's so beautiful here. The other direction are the gorgeous mountains. I can't wait for fall (my favorite time of year)!!
There is this ditch in our back are that runs along the entire street and many others. About every 4 days there is water in the ditch that we can use. For free. It's been hot here so the kids have enjoyed playing in it. We also use the free water to water our grass, fruit trees and other plants around the yard. How cool is that? Soon, it will water my garden!

This is the side of my yard, next to the garages. The water comes out of this tunnel into our yard when we turn it on. It rushes down the path we've hoed to water certain areas. The boys bring out their snow boards buckets and sleds and play in the water.

This is right outside our gate where we can move a paneling and have the water enter our yard. We only had it about 1/3 way because our other neighbors down from us were also watering their yards and pants.

We have a pretty spacious backyard area. Enough room for grass, fruit trees, plants, and soon a garden area.
The picture above and below are one of my neighbors yards. He has this system to a T. He has a huge garden, lots of grass and he also pumps the water to his front yard to water. Awesome!


Becca said...

AHH I smiss UT irrigation. So many memories of wasing throught he cannels. Enjoy.

Michelle said...

That is the what I have loved about ID, is that almost all the water is irrigation water and is FREE!! We haven't had to pay to water our yard in 4 years.