Monday, October 6, 2008

"Are all these kids yours?"

Some people say the dumbest, weirdest, rudest things to me. Like tonight. We're walking the mall, minding our own business (Not really. Some boys running ahead, others lagging behind) and people are staring at us. I always hear people, strangers, snickering about my 5 boys. HELLO! I can hear you! Is 5 really that many?
People ask me "Are all these yours?" No. I run a daycare that I walk children around the mall, Target, grocery store, bank....At night. Here are some other whoppers. "All boys? Oh my!", "Are you going to keep trying for a girl?", "We're they all planned?", "You're not having more, are you?", "You poor thing!", "You sure have your hands full!".....Some people. Well, here are the answers to ALL you questions!
Yes they're all mine, I am that lucky!
Yes, all boys. You're eyesight is great!
Yes, we're planning on having more, we're only half way there! (not really but I did tell a woman that once. I wish you could of seen the look on her face! Brill ant!
Of course they we're planned. (And if they weren't I surely wouldn't tell a stranger about it!)
Yes, my hands are full. But I LOVE it. I love each day that I am so lucky to have them in my family. I love each of them dearly.
So the next time you see someone with 5 boys, or 5 girls or whatever, tell that mom she's doing great and her family is beautiful.


TAG said...

And to think we all thought the questions would go away once you got married! Before getting married I was ready to strangle anyone who asked me why I wasn't married! And now the question has become when will you have kids? Don't you think 3 years is long enough to wait? And then there are the questions you get & I agree with you 100% that maybe instead of asking questions it is our job to give encouragement & compliments for they are surely due to all for some accomplishment in their life. You are a great mom! You have been an example to me of what a great family can be like & how much fun can be had with your little ones!

Zana said...

Yes, we do love taking our daycare with us everywhere we go! It's usually Grandpa's that ask if we're going to keep trying for a boy, I say yes we'll keep trying for a boy...or a girl.

MomTo4Girls (aka Kim Russell) said...

I get the comment "FOUR weddings!"
(and yes...we're done) :)

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Thanks Lori for those updates. I can see those little ones, shivering in Utah weather. But it will be soooo fun. That was a very good comment on having 5 children. I agree we need to be more complimentary and not so judgemental. Thanks for those reminders. Love you all.

Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! We absolutely love the 5 boys and feel so lucky to have them in the family.