Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I finally joined the band wagon!

We'll I am finally an official "blogger". Whatever that means. Friends have been telling me for about a year to do this, so here I am! It took me about a week or so to make the layout of my blog, and now I'm ready to share it with the world! Okay, just some close friends and family. :) I am already crazy busy with life, but I promise to write in this as often as possible. I wish there was internet connection where ever I took my laptop, then I would have a post everyday!
This will be a chance for you to have a small glimse into my world. My crazy life. My wonderful life. I wouldn't change a thing. I LOVE my family. I feel completely and totally blessed.

I spent most of the day decorating for Halloween! It's been a lot of fun. At first it looked like Halloween threw up in my living room. :) I also went through all the costumes I have accumulated over the years. I have a ton! Craigslist here I come!


Diana said...

Lori, This is awesome! Your family is so cute! I forwarded your e-mail to all my kids. Love Diana

MomTo4Girls (aka Kim Russell) said...

It's about time! :)