Sunday, October 5, 2008

Craft Weekend!!

What a FUN weekend! The normal stuff like soccer games (all 3 boys WON! Tyler made 2 goals!), and cleaning the house. Extra fun things like Home Depot children's craft, celebrating Tyler's 5th Birthday, trip to IKEA (love it!!) and Halloween crafts.

For my sweet Tyler we made him Norgie pankcakes and juice for breakfast. I had decorated the living room with a homemade B-day sign and balloons the night before. We opened presents and just played.

I host a craft group at my home 1x to 2x a month which is a lot of fun. But, last week I had to cancel last minute due to church meetings. So, I was a little behind. Here are the ones I made. The boys made some crafts too. Like I said; It was a fun weekend!


Amy said...

How dang fun. Thanks for the comment. Aren't boys fun...I'm totally serious. I love the crafts.

Aaron and Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Congrats on hopping on the ol' bandwagon. Cute crafts! Sorry I didn't go- I had to watch the neighborhood's kids. so not kidding. the whole neighborhood. Do you know when the YW vinyl will be done? Would you be willing to help me put it on the board? That thing is just huge and I'd hate for it to be crooked!! Oh, by the way I do need a reciept for it since I have to turn it in to get reimbursed. :o)

Zana said...

Such cute pictures of your boys! You're Crazy...PTO president?! You have always been a girl on the go! Very fun blog.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

WOW, an awesome job. Such a neat way to stay connected as family and friends. Thanks for all those updates and pictures. We are logged on as mama and papa thom - but we are also grandma and grandpa. Looking forward to our visit Thanksgiving. Love you all.

Malesky Family said...

Yeah Lori!
So excited to see you are blogging...this is such an awesome way for us busy ladies to take a few minutes and check in on our long lost friends! I'll keep checkin' in and I see you have me on the blog list...xoxo Annie

Patrick Thompson said...

It's about dang time you got your blog up and going, with all your free time and all. Thanks for keeping us posted and involved. We had a lot of fun at the birthday party thanks for inviting us. Be sure Scott figures out some days for us to study up for the big test. Love you guys.