Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scooter Time

My little Gavin is such a sweetie and then the next moment he's a handful. I guess most kids are like Jekyll and Hide at this age. They say it's the "Terrible two's", but it really starts at 18 months and can go as long as 3 years. I have called my mom who lives in California and ask her if she would PLEASE take Gavin for a week or two so I can have a break. She usually laughs and says no. I tell her "Ok, then I'm taking him to Target and leaving him there!" (I would never do that!!!) That just makes my mom laugh more. She did take all the boys for a week during fall break and she said Gavin was easy! It must be me! But, he is getting better, changing into a young boy before my eyes. I feel like I have 3 boys and 2 babies, but that is sadly changing fast.

It has been fun hanging out with just him and Brigham while the big boys are in school. Gavin is talking so well, and starting to interact with other children so much better. (Sharing toys etc.) It's been a real special watching him and Brig form a relationship with each other. It's cute how Gavin tries to explain things to the baby. Like Brig's has any idea what he's talking about!

It's funny because he has always been my little snug-a-bug. And that stage is slowly fading. Makes me sad. But every once on a while when he's having a hard time or his feelings are hurt he'll run into my arms sit on my lap and give me a quick snuggle. Then, the next second he jumps off my lap and he's off again. It's like it charges him up or something. I must be like spinach is to Popeye. :) Some of Gavin's favorite things to do is go to the campus cafeteria (he knows everyone that works there), play at the park, watch Caillou, and ride either his scooter or his skateboard. (Yes, a REAL adult skateboard. I HATE it, because he almost falls on it all the time. I only allow him to play on it inside on the carpet so it can't move so fast.) I encourage him tot ride the scooter as often as possible. And, i've hidden that darn skateboard with no avail!


Even if you are a handful at times! :)


TAG said...

He is too cute! I must say he is quickly loosing his baby look & looking more and more like a big boy!

peachytiffers said...

He is a sweet little boy! He does talk really well, and cracks me up everytime I hear him talk. He has grown up so fast!