Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brigham!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Brigham Dear!!!

Today is my sweet baby, Brig's 7 month birthday!! All day we would sing to him the few birthday songs we all know. He'd get all excited moving his arms and legs uncontrollably. Brig's would also giggle a lot, sticking his tongue out and drool all over. We all loved it. Not only is it a very special birthday, we also discovered his FIRST TOOTH!! (All the other boys got their first tooth at 4 months.) We've been looking and waiting a long time! He is also, almost crawling. What a FUN age!

I love you Brigham! I hope you have a very happy birthday!!


DoryQueen said...

He's adorable! I don't know how you have so much energy for 5 boys. Two wear me out. LOL JeanaƜ

Diana said...

He's so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Janae said...

Your kids are super cute. It's fun to see a piece of your life.