Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Freezing! What?!?

Last night I am going through the boys backpacks making sure I collect all their art work, trash, and whatever other gems I find in there. In each backpack I pull out a sweatshirt!?! I ask Will why in the world do you boys have sweatshirts in your backpacks?!? "Mom, it's freezing in the morning!" I started laughing so hard because today's high was over a 100! HELLO! As I am trying to explain to the brothers that it's not cold, but super hot, they try to explain to me that in the morning it's freezing cold. "It's like 70 degrees in the morning!" Will says with confidence. Then the other brother's chime in, "Yeah, mom it's freezing!" If you boys think 70 degrees is freezing they will die in Utah when it's like 20-30 degrees! Will gets a big 'ol smile on his face and says, "Yeah! I can't wait to be so cold I'll shiver!". Sweet boys.

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The Miller Family said...

Oh sweet moments! I love it!