Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tot Class with Gavin

Gavin is a very active toddler that tries to do everything his older brother's do. So, I signed Gavin up for a tumbling tots class every Thursday. This morning was the first class. We talked about it all morning long and Gavin became very excited to go "to class" like his big brothers. We get to the Red Mountain Center and there are 8 other kids in the class. Gavin runs to the door and runs into class just so excited and full of energy. Just filled with so much excitement. It was real cute to see that. The class sang a couple songs that used our bodies and then we played with several different balls. The kids did some tumbling on the mats, and the teacher brought out a mini parachute for the children to play with. One kid was way too wild and crazy. He hit and ran into almost every child in class. (And no it wasn't Gavin!) I tried to take some pictures but Gavin was moving around so much, and I didn't want other moms to get mad that I was taking pictures of their children. When class was over, Gavin refused to put his shoes on, he didn't want to leave. It was real cute to see how much he enjoyed class. I bribed him with a Slurpee to leave the building without causing a scene! He fell for it. I guess I fell for it too, I had to buy a Slurpee !


Shalene Miller said...

Way too cool!!!! Love the slurpee idea!!! Bribing isn't that great, That is why the boys got mcdonalds ice cream after the Tempe splash park that was the only thing that worked to get them both in the car.

Lori Nielsen said...

HA! That is so funny. I just thought you were way too cool and bought then ice creams. :)