Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Brigham

My sweet baby Brigham is slowly growing out of the "Baby" stages and it is truly breaking my heart. I loved when all the boys were teeny tiny (well small to me!) and just lay there as cute as a button. I do love the next stage of life when they start babbling, sitting up, grabbing at things. Brigs is almost crawling. It's so cute, but he's growing too fast. I love when their personalities start coming out, and I get to know the boys individually. Sweet Brigham doesn't look like anyone in the family and has kind of a big head. (He is going to be SOOO smart!) The other brothers just LOVE him. They all are helpers in their own way.

We had a babysitter last weekend and when we walked in the door and saw the look on her face, it was priceless. She slowly began to explain that she is the first girl in her family of 5 girls. She continued to explain that the boys jumped, climbed, talked and acted total crazy, the entire time. :) Of course they did, they're boys. Sweet Emily was not use to that and thought maybe she did something wrong.


The Millers said...

His big head must come from Matt!! Hahahaaa :) Diana forwarded your blog announcement to the fam...we're at :) Love you guys!

GonnaBeHOT said...

Well, so I was gonna respond to the babysitter. You can send her to my house to verify she was not doing anything wrong. I thought all kids acted that way. Is it really a boy thing? hhhmmmm. Here I was thinking my kids were more like me and here I find out they are normal. Oh bother!!