Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!!

Ok. So here it is. I am so dang thankful for TUBBY TIMES!! AKA: a nice warm long bath with bubbles, a candle or two burning, a magazine or book to read and no one buggin' me. I don't take as many as I would like to because it's usually HOT in AZ. Bummer! But, it's been cooling down and soon it will be tubby time season again! :) YEAH!

It's funny because the little kids internally know when I want to be left alone, like when I'm taking a bath. And sweet little Gavin will come find me and throw open the door (killing the mood instantly!) He'll either walk in and blow out my candles and try to explain to me that there is fire everywhere. Or, he'll walk in naked and get into the tub with me. What can you do?

Now, I would normally add pictures of what I am thankful for. But, I will spare you your eye sight! I will add pictures of my sweet Brigs taking a fun tubby time.
Do you enjoy tubby time?


Mamathom and Papathom said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the BOYS in the tub. They are so cute. Thanks for the posts.

The Boyce Girls said...

Your boys are sooo cute! we miss you and briggs! <3 you!