Friday, October 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday!! (1 day late!)

I got this great idea from one of my friends' blog. Every Thursday she dedicates her post to something she's thankful for. "Thankful Thursday". Some things she chooses are funny and some are real sweet. So, here is mine.

I am so thankful for so many things, it was hard to focus and just choose one. I'm going to try to use these Thursday's and tell you what I am thankful for that is not very obvious.

For the past several months I have heard of this book, "Twilight". On several of my friends' blog they have a countdown to the movie "Twilight". I kept asking myself why on earth have I not read this book or know anything more about it. As one of my friends, Alacey said, I was "living under a rock" if I hadn't read the series yet. Or, at least the first book. So I borrowed it from another one of my friends, Liz Z. (THANKS GF!) And can't put it down.

Scott informed me this morning that he wants to read it on Saturday, so I'd better be done with it or be prepared to take a break from it. It's hard for me to sit for several hours and read it cover to cover like I want to. Remember I am a professional chef, taxi service, daycare provider, wet nurse....And it seems like the kids know when I want to be left alone, they keep asking me questions or showing me things.

So, to recap, on my first THANKFUL THURSDAY:

I am THANKFUL for the book Twilight!


The Millers said...

Seriously, where have you been?! Haha, I know it's gotta be hard to find time to read while raising kids! I finished the first one in 3 days, while going to school and working. I'd stay up until 2-3 AM reading. Pathetic! But the first one is definitely my fav out of the 4.

Summer said...

aaaahhhhh! that's so funny...jace wants me to ask "do they know that we've both read it?...all of the books? :) i was even corny enough to go to the midnight release of the last book with my sister-in-law :) jace would pre-read them for me to be sure the content was up to i don't do well if i get to the middle of a book and have to stop due to content :) so he'd read a book in a night and then it took me a week or so to get through it...we had lots of time to kill when we moved here to georgia so i got to read them all pretty quick! enjoy! let me know when you're done and we'll chat :)

The Miller Family said...

Ahhhhhh! Edward!!!!! I just finished Breaking Dawn! Karina got me hooked on those books! I'm obsessed, in fact I have the Twilight movie's Edward on my phone wall paper aaaannnnd my lappy desktop...drool! Enjoy!

Paul and Celeste said...

I guess I've been living "under a rock" too because I haven't read them. But I am almost tempted to read them just because almost every single person I know is addicted to them. Seriously...It's an epidemic. Let me know if you catch the bug too. :-)

DoryQueen said...

Just found your blog through kara and matts which I found thru Jessica's (grin). We love Twilight here. Alana got me hooked. The movie will be fun. Love reading all about your life. Love, JeanaƜ

Lacey said...

AWESOME! I knew you would love it! It's the best! Your so lucky too because you get to read all 4 books at once. I read Twilight when it was just Twilight! Then I had to wait for each one after that...TORTURE! Me and Melissa are Twilight JUNKIES!! We are always talking Edward!