Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Brigham?

I love this age and hate it all at the same time. Why you may ask? Well, because I LOVE this age and all the cute things babies start doing. But they move out of the "baby stage" way too quickly! And that's why I hate it. My sweet, adorable, handsome, loving, funny baby Brigham is not a baby anymore. It's fun and exciting to see all the cool new things he can do, but it's sad also.

Brigham has been crawling for a while now. (He hardly drags his "lazy leg" anymore!) For the past couple of weeks he'll pull himself up and stand there. Slowly he began to let go, and really use those chunky legs of his. Over Thanksgiving weekend he took a few steps, and has been taking more and more everyday. :( When he does it I hurry to him and sit him down. He's only 8 months old! Scott loves it, but I don't. He's too little, too young!

All my boys have said "DA DA" first. I've really tried to teach Gavin to say "ma ma" first, but nope! So I was extra determined with Brig's. Two days ago he started saying "Ma Ma!!!" And he hasn't stopped. It's like music to my ears.

Brig's is also sleeping in his own crib all night long! Hallelujah!! For his naps I give him a little snuggle and then lay him in his bed. I make sure he has his passy and a warm blanket to cuddle with. I turn on some classical music, and walk out. He is such a good baby! Gavin has moved to the brother's room and is on the bottom bunk.

Brigham is such a wonderful boy. I am so lucky and blessed that he's in my family!



CC said...

I love the pictures! He is so cute! You certainly have great adventures with your family.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Cute litte boy. Bet Gavin is excited to join the big boys. Love you all. Thanks for the updates.