Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, I did my first and only boutique this year today, I usually do 8 to 10 different boutiques. But not this year. It's so time consuming and it's a lot of work for me and poor sweet Scott. He is such a great help to me by setting up, moving the heavy boxes and of course taking everything down and putting it away for me. Isn't he great!!

My friend Stacy helped make some of the vinyl boards for me this year. She is very creative. The big sellers this boutique were the shutters that hold pictures and the BE boards.

Right next to us were two girlfriends from our ward. It was fun chatting with them the entire morning and afternoon.


Kara Miller said...

How fun! I LOVE that beveled Noel board. Too cute!!

CC said...

I love all your stuff! I just finished the Last/Families are Forever & FHE plaques I bought from RS enrichment two years ago and they both turned out great!

I wanted that "Silent Night, Holy Night" one. Is that hard to make?

peachytiffers said...

I really like the way those shutters turned out! I also like the knobs on the Stocking boards. I think I'm going to switch mine to those.

Lori Nielsen said...

CC- THe Silent Night vinyl is on 2 pieces of 2x4 then the stars and individual pieces too. Not hard at all to make...Let me know if yu want the vinyl for them!