Friday, December 19, 2008


This morning Gavin handed me one of those little cereal boxes that are individual size to open for him. So, I open it and he walks away....A few minutes later I walk to find him and Brigham to make sure all is well and I see Gavin filling his cereal box with WATER!! YUCK! Not just any water, the water from the bathroom faucet! GROSS! (We're out of milk!) He is sitting at the table right now eating his breakfast and he even just said, "Yum!"
My first errand this morning is to go to the grocery store to get some milk!


Deanna Semendoff said...

It could have been way first I was anticipating bugs in the cereal...then toilet water.

Sink water in good cereal is an ok thing I think :)

Jace said...

oh lori, you are such a great mom! :) we can't control everything...that's my mantra...though i deny it!
love and miss you...especially tonight when the dicksons are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( we'll think of you and scott while we stay up overly late and try to play as many games as time will allow!