Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Family Home Evenings

We do pretty good at weekly Family Home Evenings. (One night a week we sit together as a family sing some songs do a little lesson, activity, treat, and pray together as a family). I found a GREAT company named Hatch Patch Creations who put together awesome FHE packets. I use to buy these (for just $3 bucks!) packets and color cut and laminate them, now I spend $2 bucks more and have them already colored of me! EASY! And very cute. There are hundreds to choose from, but my favorites are the Christmas ones. Last night for FHE our lesson was on the Advent Calendar. It was so fun to do with the boys. This morning I laminated it all and have it hanging on my wall. It will be fun to do every day with the boys.

Last night while I was playing on Facebook (which I LOVE by the way!!) I looked down and saw sweet baby Brigham opening gifts from under the tree! It was so funny, I ran and grabbed my camera first then took the presents aways from him. The gift Tyler got for Nana is hilarious! Scott and I had tears in our eyes we were laughing so hard! Kids are so funny.


Mamathom and Papathom said...

Glad that we cannot see the gift up close, as Tyler wanted Nana to be surprised and she will be and will love it. They had so much fun shopping and gift wrapping and keeping secrets. We enjoyed that great experience with them.

Lori Nielsen said...

Thanks again for doing that for the boys. They haven't stopped talking about it! This afternoon, while I was in the other room with Brig's, Gavin opened 2 others! :( So, now I've moved them all.

Jill said...

How exciting, I make the FHE packets you were talking about, and I get soo excited when someone mentions them. So thanks, it made my day. Jill