Monday, December 8, 2008

Slow Monday.

I had great plans for today, but nope, nothing got done. As the morning started I finished up some laundry and started making some Christmas vinyl signs for a boutique I'm doing this Saturday. Brigham woke up and I had him on my right hip using my left hand to move some clean clothes off the changing table. I slowly moved Brigs with both my hands under his armpits and moved him toward the left and down on top of the changing table. Oh crap! I pulled something in my back and fell to the floor. Literally fell. I tried to hold one hand up so my sweet Brigs wouldn't roll off. I VERY slowly rose to my feet but hunched over (it felt better that way) and changed his diaper. I walked to the dining area and sat him in his high chair with snacks already there. Again, I dropped to the floor and just laid there for a long while. Not being able to move much, and still in tremendous pain. The timing of this STINKS!
I am doing a little better now, at least I can walk! Sweet Scott has been rubbing Icy Hot on the sore area. I've been using a heating pad, and then icing the area. It's not going away fast enough. The boys folded the laundry and put it all away for me! SHOCKING! That's the ONLY good reason for this silly injury.
I'm off to take a very warm bath. With bubbles. With candles. With a good magazine.


yobubbles said...

I'm so sorry my dear Belle! I hope the night is kind and you awake a new painfree day! Love ya!

Kat's Blog said...

Your hubby is right! Your blog IS fabulous! And your hat is wonderful. I'm sorry you're in pain though. I know what that's like and I wouldn't wish that on anybody! I'm very glad your boys were able to help you out though. It's wonderful when children pick up on serving their family when they are hurt or sick! Good job Mom and Dad! Hugs, Kathie