Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HaPpY bIrThDaY sCoTtY pOtTy!!!!!

On this very special of days EVERYONE celebrates my hubby's Birthday! :) Happy new year's eve, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTTY POTTY!!!!

Sweet Scott has a tough Birthday, right after Christmas, and on a major holiday. Most people overlook him and his special day. I am totally guilty of doing this too! (Sorry honey!!) Scott is a night owl and LOVES to stay up late (any night) and play. He always likes to stay up super late on his Birthday and welcome the new year. I am the total opposite! I would much rather go to sleep at 9-10pm. :) I always try to stay awake for Scott, but it usually doesn't happen. This year WILL BE DIFFERENT!!

I WILL STAY UP LATE WITH MY SWEET HUSBAND AND WELCOME THE NEW YEAR as one of his Birthday presents! (cop-out gift, I know! but he'll enjoy it!)

Here are 32 reasons why I love Scott, and to tell you all how wonderful he is!!

#1 He is always fun to be with.
#2 Scott is hard-working, always has been.
#3 Is a total smarty-pants!
#4 Loves watching reality TV with me.
#5 Will eat ANYTHING I make him for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And always says it is SO GOOD, even if it isn't.
#6 He's a very honest person.
#7 He is a very giving individual, always thinking of me and kids before himself.
#8 Gets very little sleep so he can be with the family.
#9 Puts up with and loves my mom!
#10 He takes the boys golfing and other things that just the boys can do together.
#11 He is a very funny person, always making jokes and is fun to hang around with.
#12 He is big and strong. He can always help lift something or open something for me.
#13 Every time I see a spider or some nasty bug Scott will get it and kill it for me without any hesitation.
#14 Scott has a great smile. Nice big pearly white teeth.
#15 He puts up with me and everything I throw at him. (not literally!)
#16 He too loves Madonna!!!
#17 He is a very nice person, he can talk to anyone about anything.
#18 He lets me cut his hair.
#19 He lets us spend every holiday with my mom in beautiful Santa Barbara.
#20 He plays the Wii with the boys.
#21 He changes the babies diapers when he is home for me!
#22 He is in charge of doing the dishes, taking the trash out and cleaning the toilets, jobs that I HATE to do.
#23 He is a great singer.
#24 He takes the boys to Home Depot once a month and helps them build the craft they offer.
#25 I love his hands. Big. Strong. He gives GREAT massages!!
#26 He loves Jesus, the gospel, the scriptures, and has a wonderful testimony that he shares with us often.
#27 Whenever any of us are sick he'll help us while we're throwing up and will willingly clean up the vomit if any of us miss the toilet.
#28 He is great with computers and any technical things. He helped build our websites, design our birth announcements and Christmas cards.
#29 He takes us swimming and teaches the boys how to swim.
#30 He's tried out for game shows and has been on some!
#31 He is so patient with the boys and especially me.
#32 He loves each of us a lot and WE LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Scott that I love with all my heart. I sure made out like a fat rat when I got to marry him! He a wonderful, and I thank the Lord everyday that he is part of my life.



Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

Happy Birthday SCOTT!!! Hope you have a great birthday along with a fun new years eve party.

CC said...

Happy Birthday, Scott!!! Lori's 32 reasons, is that a hint as to how young you are?

Anyway, it's true having a New Year b-day is tough, but you can't deny the fact that everyone's celebratin'- just imagine it was all for everyone born on the same day! Now that's rockin', huh?

I'll be doing this for my own dh soon, on the 22nd, but I think I'll skip out the "bathroom based" rhyme with his name, lol. (I'm sure I can find one, I'm afraid)

Have a great birthday and New Year!

Jace said...

Left a message for Scotty pants on his cel. - I hope he got it!

I'd like to add to the numerical list - the only man more "nerdy" than I, according to Wierd Al's "White and Nerdy."

Love you all!!!!


rachel said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!! I hope it's a good one!