Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy Saturday's

We were really busy when we had soccer games all day on Saturday. Now with the holiday's here, we are still way busy.
This morning at the boys school we have "Breakfast with Santa". It was really fun. It was decorated beautifully, music playing and yummy smells in the air. Santa came and the kids were all thrilled! I was shocked that Brig's wasn't afraid of him. He kept giggling at him!
When Santa first walked in, Gavin runs over to him and says, "Dad!"
After the event was over and Scott suddenly reappeared, I was chatting with Gavin and he asked me "Where did Santa go, mom?" I explained he had to leave to attend another party, then he said, "he's right there!" "No silly that's dad, I said with assurance. "Mom, dad IS Santa!" Gavin happily says. Oh boy!
We talked to the boys about how dad went through a certification he pretend to be Santa to help him during the holidays. (Because obviously Santa can't make EVERY party!) They gladly accepted that and think it's great that dad and Santa are bud's.

Next on our "To Do" list was Home Depot. The kids love making different crafts on the first Saturday of each month. Will and Jack made a cute little easel. Tyler and G-man made a flower/leaf press.

Tonight we're having 4 friends of Tyler's and Jackson's over to play, watch movies, and have dinner. From 4pm to 9pm! How fun! (for the boys! :) ) I made pizza, bought chips, soda, pop corn, and other little unhealthy snacks for the boys to chow on randomly throughout the night. We're planning on watching several different Christmas movies. I know everyone will have a fun time!


Josh and Katy said...

You are super-mom!

CC said...

I hope you post some pics of their crafts. I'd love to see what I can have my kids do for crafts. I have a July Fingerpaint fest where we choose one painting from each kid to frame and show off for the year. We also do Christmas paper snowflake "downpour", but there are 12 months in a year...

I'm glad that you don't mind supervising sleepovers either. Lisa's had them since she turned 12 and I still find it better than sending her off to other's homes for sleepover.