Thursday, December 11, 2008


Scott and I have been collecting different nativities for a few years now. We first started doing it when we would travel a lot. We bought one while visiting Mexico, South America, and other places. We have two that are carved out of an olive tree from Jerusalem. We have one carved out of a gourd. A snow globe, a musical one, tiny small ones, large ones, one made out of banana leaves, one from my Gram's shop, and one you use a candle with. It's been fun finding unique ones to add to our collection.

Do you collect nativities? Or other Christmas items?


CC said...

I've decided that I want to start collecting Nativities this year. Anyway, I'm now up to four (someone gave me one after our exhibit), and I'm absolutely nuts over the paintings by Simon Dewey and Jon McNaughton (Dec Ensign cover), so that's where my budget will be distributed to!

The two other ones I have is on my post last Saturday.

CC said...

Btw, I forgot to mention your collection is nothing short of awesome! I love each one!

peachytiffers said...

Might I suggest getting a gifina one? They are made in the Dominican Republic and my brother has started a company selling them. They sell them in the Deseret Bookstores in Utah and they are looking to branch out more. They do it to help the people in the DR, which is where both my brother and his wife served a mission. They are amazing, all handmade, and really beautiful.