Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spoo-ghetti Lunch

Happy Halloween!
My boys school had a Spoo-ghetti lunch on Halloween afternoon. They always have half day on Friday, so it worked out perfectly. The kids dressed up in their costumes, had a little parade around the school and then the parents joined them in the cafeteria where all the teachers helped to decorate the room. The children paraded on the stage, around the grave yard and through the haunted house where they could put their hands in different boxes to feel eyes balls, brains and other terrifying things. There was an area where everyone could guess how many candies or Halloween toys were in a jar and the closest one wins. There was dancing, and very yummy spaghetti generously donated form BJ's restaurant. It was crazy busy, but a lot of fun. The party went from noon to 3pm.

We went home and rested for the next part of this fun holiday. Our ward had a Trunk-or-treat with little carnival games, which is always fun. Then we headed out to the "rich" neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. They always hand out better candy and are usually home having block parties. We walked around with our friends the Udall's and the Thompson's.
About 8:50pm all our kids were pooped out and wanted to go home. I was surprised they didn't last longer. They all have their little bags to hold candy but when it gets too heavy I have larger grocery store bags in the stroller. So they dump their candy in there and they're ready for the next load.
Will and Jackson with some of their friends would go to a house on the left side of the street and run as fast as they could to the right side while were all still walking the the left. One time Gavin didn't want the candy the lady offered. "It's too big!" Another time he started crying and saying his eye "hurded". I asked him why and he replied, "my finger was in my eye!" "Well, take it out of there!" :) Kids say the cutest things! It's real cute to hear him say, "Hoppy Alloween!" and "trick o tweat".
We emptied all the candy in this huge IKEA bag and we guessed how much it weighed.
14 1/2 pounds of candy! HOLY MOLY!
It was a very eventful day!
I am so excited to go out and buy stuff tomorrow for 50-75% off! YEAH!