Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aww, Sunday mornings...

I love Sunday's, especially the mornings. Our church is at noon to 3, which kinda stinks, but it makes my morning even more fabulous than usual. I get to sleep in a little bit, you gotta love that start. I take baby Brig's to the play room with the other brothers and head on back to my room. (Which is my FAVORITE room in the house! I love to snuggle up with my big 'ol goose down quilt and my many pillows and just get comfy!) Anyways, I bring in my breakfast and the paper and watch a show I've been saving on my Tivo for a special morning all to myself. This morning my breakfast was a grapefruit. YUMMY. I don't really READ the paper, I just check out the weather predictions and collect all my coupons. (Is that what YOU do? Or do you actually READ the paper?) I slowly get the boys ready and slowly get myself ready. I love Sunday mornings. That will change when our ward changes time to 8am. Then, I'll love my Sunday afternoons!