Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I love holiday's because the kids don't have school and the hubby usually doesn't have to work or study. YEAH! But I really love holidays because Saver's has EVERYTHING 50%off! Sweet deals galore. I love to find little treasures everywhere. I always find name brand crap that I have to buy. Every once in a while I'll find something bigger like furniture or a huge toy for the kids.

The boys have to wear uniform at their school, so we go through A LOT of khaki and navy blue pants. We also go through A LOT of Polo's. If the boys are good I'll splurge and get them a toy of their choice. They're almost always good, so we have a ton of useless stuff animals or toys that were played with for just a couple of days. (A month or so later those toys they HAD TO GET will find a way back to Saver's!!)

I never miss the infant section and thoroughly look through the baby boys AND girls clothing. Searching the rows for almost new name, brand name items that I either keep for the future Thompson baby or sell it on eBay. :) A little extra cash never hurts.

My great find this trip were Disney shirts and sweatshirt. I had just made a trip to the Disney outlet and purchased shirts for the boys for our upcoming Disneyland trip. Then, I went to Saver's. (wrong order!!) But I found 2 adorable shirts, looks new. And 1 sweatshirt! YEAH!!

Do any of you love Saver's like me??

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Brimhall Bunch said...

Love it! Jen & I left ALL the little people with my teenages and went shopping! The Savers down here is small but still found some awesome stuff.