Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

During our stay in the sin city, which is fun to visit but oh so dirty. We had a good 'ol time. I always enjoy visiting the large never ending city. I love the lights and driving down the strip. Our favorite stops are Luxor (to see if we can meet Criss Angel and see his cool automobiles), water show and flower garden at the Bellagio (just breathtaking), seeing the statue of Liberty (always reminds me of how THANKFUL I am to be an AMERICAN!), Eiffel Tower (maybe I'll see the other, larger one some day), and the pirate boats at Treasure Island (the show has gotten a little naughty, but the kiddos love to see PIRATES! RRR matie!).

This visit we stopped at the M&M store, Coca Cola store, and went to the beautiful PINK dome at Circus Circus to play on the rides. We also hung out at our resort and went swimming in the HEATED pool. They have a lazy river, children's pool, and cool Jacuzzi with water falls. From our balcony we could see the pool.
I had 1 quarter that I was wanting to play but as we walked through the different hotel casino's none of them take change anymore! Only bills of cards. What's up with that? I knew I had a Lucky quarter, but I was never able to play it. Now, I'll never know how much money I could of won! :)

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aleigh lyn said...

Oh fun!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SEE ME!!!??? I want all of you this time if just Scott and just you are as much fun as you are i wonder how all of you are TOGETHER! ha ha im so excited. Look at my blog i mad updates all by my loansome ha ha im so proud of myself! love you all