Monday, November 24, 2008

STUPID people

When I started this blog, I wanted to share my journal entries with close friends and family.

Recently, however, a couple of people tried to use my blog to dig up some "dirt" on my husband for the purpose of making the claim that he does not have integrity. I WAS SHOCKED to learn that these grown men would read my blog and then attempt to try to make some crazy claims that he is a liar.

Initially, I was SO upset about this that I wanted to put a block on my blog so that only certain people could read my posts. My husband was not worried though, and basically said "Whatever". After giving it some thought, I had to agree with Scott. They can search all they want, and TRY to find something on my hubby, because I know they will come up empty handed each and every time. He is the MOST hardworking, honest, outgoing, friendly and trustworthy person that I know. They should be so lucky to possess even one of his qualities. (You know how you are!)

With that being said, the posts will continue on, the blogging will not stop, and let those STUPID people waste their precious time and energy continuing to search, because I know they will not find anything.

Scott, I love you babe. You're the best!


Brimhall Bunch said...

Way to go Lori! Gotto love the jerks of the world! Have a great Turkey Day!

Jace said...

you go girl! we've got your back too! try as they may some people will never stop trying to put happy people down :) we love you too scott!

Lori Nielsen said...

THANKS ladies!!

Kara Miller said...

How juvenile!!! Scott's squeaky-clean...nice try losers!

GonnaBeHOT said...

Jealousy makes people do strange things. They must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I love you both. Scott has been there to help me thru some crazy crap and made me stop crying on many occasions. You and Scott are awesome. Shame shame on them!

CC said...

Wow, the nerve of some people! You two are right to ignore them. That to me, is a sorry attempt to make themselves look better than Scott. Good for him to be the better person.