Monday, November 24, 2008

Lazy Leg

This post was from several weeks ago.....I kept trying to add a clip of it to show you all with no luck! But, I wanted to add the story about the lazy leg anyway.

A few weeks ago, my sweet Brigham, started crawling. His crawl is a little different than a normal crawl, or how the other brothers have crawled. His left leg stays tucked underneath him, as his right leg does all of the work. It is really cute! The only down side is that one foot becomes so dang dirty from being dragged all over the place. It helps him to sit up faster and to turn faster with it tucked underneath him. Here is a little clip that I took last night of his crawling efforts. It is very unique and special crawl. I hope you enjoy it.

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Kara Miller said...

That is too cute!! Our friend's daughter started walking recently and pumps her right arm as she runs around! It's hilarious. Are you guys coming out for Thanksgiving? We haven't seen you for tooooo long!