Friday, November 14, 2008


4 minutes with Justin Timberlake!

On Friday we drove to Vegas, baby! Why? You may ask. Well, it was a 4 day weekend and the most important thing is the MADONNA CONCERT! Woo Hoo baby! If you didn't know or couldn't guess it by now, I LOVE MADONNA!! I've loved Madonna since I was in Jr. High. Now, now, you may be surprised or even a little appalled by my feelings for her. Let me explain a little more to you. I love her music. I think she is a very talented artist. But, I don't always agree with what she does or may say in the media. But, how can anyone not get a little bounce on their step when a Madonna song is on the radio.

My first Madonna concert my sweet hubby slept outside to get us tickets. It was SOOO worth it. We were on the floor right next to the sound station. We went super early because on that day I was due with Jackson. I needed to scope out the area and find a quick exit if I went into labor. The sound station we were right next to is on risers, and the man in charge of that area let me sit up there half way through the concert. We already had great seats, but now I was lifted a little in the air I could see EVERYTHING!! It was awesome. I also sat next to Guy Ricci. It was a great night.

My second concert Tyler was 3 or so months along and I was nursing. So Scott bought 1 ticket and waited outside the concert with baby Tyler as I went in and boogied with Madonna. (If you think Scott is so sweet for doing that, just wait there is more wonderful things he has done for me and my love for Madonna!!) This time I was in THE FRONT ROW CENTER!!! Holy Moly. It was so awesome!!
My 3rd concert we had moved to Phoenix and I had just had Gavin. He was a baby that only nursed and once again Scott bought me a ticket to go by myself. My ticket was on the floor once again, but this time I was next to the cat walk. When the concert started I rushed the cat walk and once again Madonna and I had a connection. I LOVE HER!!

My 4th concert, which was last weekend in Vegas, was just as spectacular. It was at the MGM Grand, I had floor seats, and it was awesome. She is so entertaining. She was a lot more talkative than usual. More playful too. Scott once again purchased this ticket for me to go. I did tell Scott that for the next concert I wanted to go Worth him. He is amazing for putting up with me and my love for Madonna. He too likes to boggy to the beat of a Madonna song.

So, there you go. My journey through life with Madonna.



Lori Nielsen said...

I am so sad that noone has commented on madonna. Why is that? Don't you like her music?

GonnaBeHOT said...

I love Madonna too. Do you remember the guy who use to work at the housing office who loved her too. I can not remember her name right off the top of my head but I remember every once and a while he would come around the corner from his office and do the "Vogue Pose" thing. It was hilarious.

Lori Nielsen said...

Oh yeah, that guy was FUNNY! I don't remember his name, but he was a charactor!