Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!!

This year we decided to stay in Mesa for the holiday. (Scott had to work and needed to study!)We have a little family ritual we do on Thanksgiving morning. We do family pictures. It takes a long time to get 5 kids sitting ready for posing. I bought black Polo's for everyone, but of course couldn't them all this morning. So, I decided to have some of the kids to wear white instead. But still. It takes a long time to get everyone dressed, hair combed and happy. It was raining this morning, so we had to take them inside. Bummer. I took individuals first, then TRIED to take all the boys. It was HARD. None came out that I LOVE. We didn't even take any family pic's! Another day I guess. Here are a few of the cute shots I got.

Jackson was first, and oh, so easy. He is a very photogenic kid.

Of course he couldn't sit and stay in the pose I wanted. And of course he had to have some random item in his hands during the photo shoot.

Will too, is really easy. The older they get, the easier it is to have them sit the way you want and just smile.

Brigs was way to giggly and moving all over the place. This was on the only half decent one I could get. I'll try another day!

Tyler was excited to make up poses as I acted like a professional photographer, but unfortunately there was a bad shadow in most of them. Bummer!

Scott is grabbing my butt and making me laugh. I am trying to push him away, but he's not letting go!

We had a very YUMMY dinner and went for a walk around before and after the big meal. We watched some football, a few people took a nap, we played the Wii, did some cute Thanksgiving crafts, and had a fun day OFF!

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is looking through the paper and finding the sales for tomorrow! This year some of the sales start tonight at midnight! Then the others are at 4am! What's up with that?! We are taking off tonight (Kmart and CVS have a few things we want), then we're off to a movie. Just Scott and I! YEAH!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL day!!



Brimhall Bunch said...

LOVE the pics...especially love your comment on the 2 of you :)
I took family pics in the groves south of our house last weekend and yeah its a pain getting them all happy at one time.

Jace said...

i LOVe the one of all the boys with scottt! it's just amazing how many boys you have! such handsome little men they all are was so excited to see a picture of "my tyler" :) and i can't get over cute brigham! he's a little doll!

CC said...

That last picture was just priceless!!! I think I'll copy that pose with Charlie and the kids for our Christmas pics. You have some great "Turkey Day" ideas.

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

GREAT pictures of the boys!!!

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did too. It was so nice that mom and dad got to spend the holiday with you guys. You do such a great job blogging I have to admit I expected to see some pics of them with the boys and some mention of the fun. I guess I'm just jealous since we don't get to see them very often.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Great dinner and we ate way too much as usual. The family picture was a project, as I remember, all of ours being. But it is worth it in the long run.