Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Thankful Turkey

Last night for FHE we made a thankful turkey. I cut out (jacked up) feathers and had the kids write different things on them that they are thankful for. Then they could color them and make them look fancy. We also talked to the kids about saying prayers about what we're thankful for. Not to ask for anything, just say things we're thankful for. Each child gave it a try and surprisingly they did really well. I guess it's easier for kids.
Will was thankful for specific family members, and friends in general. Jackson was all about different animals. Tyler remembered Jesus, temples, and prophets. Gavin did a good job too with a little help from mom. :)
Try it! Tonight when you say your prayers, just express your gratitude for things you are thankful for. Don't ask for anything. Try to go beyond the obvious things too. It's really neat experience. Makes you think a little differently.
Good luck!!

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CC said...

Ok, new tradition for us! That is such a neat idea! My kids can't wait to share what they're grateful for, so this is great.