Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's going to make me millions?

What is going to make me millions? My children will! Each of them, like each of yours, has their own special talents that will last their entire lives.

Will, my 9 year old, is a brainiac and probably going to become some kind of scientist and invent something outrageous or be a super specialized doctor who cures a crazy disease and make me millions. $

Jack is 7 years old and has always been a little talker, a comical character and a charismatic actor. He will probably be the next Jim Carey and make me millions. $$

My little Ty guy (5 years) is very tall (99th percentile) and very athletic. We took his height at age three and doubled that he is predicted to be around 6'10". Scott thinks he'll be a basketball player or volleyball. I think he will be a swimming star like Michael Phelps and make me millions. $$$

Gav-o is very physical with having 3 older brothers to beat up on him. He will probably be a football player or a wrestler, but he also has a great vocabulary for his age, and is very articulate. Perhaps a sports broadcaster on ESPN. We will see... $$$$

And then there is the littlest one, Brigs. Even though he is so young still at 8 months old, you can already tell that his mind is at work. He studies every little detail and seems to be taking in everything he can. He is already standing and walking around the furniture, and we expect him to take those first steps on his own any day now (he is taking after Scott who walked when he was 7 months old).

So you can see, my retirement plan is completely taking care of, and all I have to do now is figure out where and when to start spending it all. That's why I have so many kids. :)


rachel said...

When your kids make you millions remember us little people :) I know you are right they are all really sweet little guys. You do good work

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Well, the dollars might not come - but to me they are are worth their weight in gold, and will achieve a lot in life.