Friday, November 28, 2008

We ARE crazy!

What is up with these black Friday sales stating earlier and earlier each year? 4am Khol's? Midnight KB Toys? Scott and I have enjoyed in past years waking up early and buying a bunch of crap (most of it FREE after rebates), but each year there are fewer and fewer "good deals" available. We looked through the adds and found some things we all needed and wanted so we typed up our list and decided to head out to do a little shopping.
A couple stores were open on Thanksgiving. One store our bill came to $75.00, but we ended up paying almost $20! SWEET! The next store wasn't open until midnight so we decided to go to TWILIGHT!!
Oh my gosh! I LOVED the movie!! I loved, loved, LOVED the movie! Scott and I held hands tightly and kept clapping randomly during the movie. It was BETTER than I thought or hoped it would be. (yeah, yeah they left out some good stuff, but come on, it was a movie.) I can't wait to see the next movie. Last night I kept dreaming of the unique relationship sweet Bella and handsome Edward have. It was awesome, a definite buy!
Anyways, back to my shopping story. After the 9pm movie it was almost midnight for KB to open. We were in there front of the line and were in and out quick. Scott decided to stay awake and stand in line (while reading Eclipse!) and I headed home to SLEEP.
Scott returned at 7am after going to 4 stores and finishing up his list. I got up and headed out to go to some of the other stores.
I headed to Joann's and realized my # was 97 to have my fabric cut and they were on #37! So I left, with my # in hand, and headed to Khol's. I came back about 30 min.'s later and they were on #75. I went through the flannel and got some CUTE prints.
It was busy, and hectic out there this morning, but I made it through and have most of my shopping DONE! (Scott said he was pushed to the floor at one of the stores this morning! And he's a BIG guy!)
Now, it's time to wrap everything! YEAH! I LOVE Christmas time!


Ali said...

Isn't it nice having MamaThom and PapaThom around? They are always so generous with their time and willing to spend loads of of it with their grandkids, especially if it means their children and children-in-laws get to spend a little quality time together. Yippee for wonderful grandparents.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Yes, Ali - we were glad to be of assistance. And it gave me some snuggle time with Brigham, in the rocking chair. This is my best time with the grandchildren - in a rocker, cuddling - must have something to do with age.