Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Boys

Gavin has been doing really well sleeping in his "big boy bed". Brigham goes in the room with us when I'm getting Gavin ready for bed by changing his clothes, singing, praying, and giving each other a little snuggle. Here is Brigham standing by the bedside when I was tucking Gavin in for the night. We thought it was so cute. Gavin every once in a while will get off his big boy bed and sneak out of the room and I have to put him in his crib. He doesn't like it and will cry for a few minutes then fall asleep. But, then he started climbing out of his crib. So, I took out the mattress. That stopped him for a few days. But then he learned how to act like monkey and climb up the corner of the crib and out he'd come. So, I did something else.

Before I tell you, I want to warn you what you're about to see is SHOCKING.

THIS IS A WARNING!! Danger, Danger.
Last chance to turn away!

Back space now if you think you can't handle it!! :)

OK, here it is......

I warned you! :) It may look drastic, but it works beautifully! At first I put a single strip of tape on the side where he climbed out. Then, Gavin started climbing out the other corner. So, I put tape on the other corner. Then he began to climb out the middle. So, more and more tape went up. This is what we have now. He doesn't mind it at all anymore. When he wakes up you can hear him playing then he'll shout, "Mommy, come get me!" or "Mommy, I want out!"
None of the other boys ever climbed out of their crib, and non of them lasted as long in a crib. I'm just lazy I guess. I am planning on moving him to the bottom of the bunk bed in the brother's room in the beginning of next year. He's still my baby boy. I love him!


TAG said...

I think that is hilarious!! Have you ever seen the mesh tents that they make to fit over the crib so a cat cannot pounce on the kid, I also thought those might work as a kid keeper-inner...

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Hey Gavin, turn you little body sideways and then you can fit through those ropes. Love you.

Lori Nielsen said...

Grandma, you're lucky Gavin can't read!! :)