Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camps and Fundraising

My boys go to Santa Barbara every summer to hang out with their Nana ans Papa, but also to attend the many, many camps offered there. (Way more than here in AZ!)
We usually are accepted for some sort of a scholarship deal with Scott still in school, so we can have the kids attend several different types.
This year will is doing: The Triathlon camp. The Kids Triathlon, Art camp located at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Zoo camp (with all 4 boys!!), Cub Scout Camp, and a camp held at the Museum of Natural History. He's done others like Safety Town, golf camp, and sports camp before.
Jackson will be attending some with Will and some with Tyler. His camps are Zoo camp, Art camp, Triathlon camp, Dino camp at the Museum of natural history.
Tyler is doing: Zoo camp, Safety Town, and Dino camp.
Gavin will be doing just zoo camp.
Sounds fun! And it's always fun planning their activities!
Well, the only camp that doesn't offer a scholarship of some kind is the Cub Scout Camp. The boys do a fundraising on their own earlier in the year. Well, of course my boys are not there to participate in that. So we came up with our own idea. We did it last year and was successful so we're doing it again. The boys typed out a letter of what they're planning on doing. We wrote out a list of people we'd ask and the boys took it from there. They knocked on the door, introduced themselves and ask if they would help them in their fundraising to attend camp. The boys are collecting aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. (Water or juice ones). We smashed all this down as best we can and take it to California to the recycling department. The boys get 5 cents on most of the items! Last year Will raised almost $80.00 worth which was awesome! Scott and I paid the rest. This year we're trying to raise more because Jackson is attending! It's been a fun project to do with the boys. It's been a great learning opportunity for them as well.
If YOU live in the area and would like to help, let us know We can stopped by your house for a pick-up anytime! :)


Mamathom and Papathom said...

Sounds like fun. Sorry we don't live in the area. Wish the WalMart bags could help - we could send lots of them. Love you

Jace said...

thought that was such a great idea! sorry we're not closer to contribute. the recycle guys here don't care for us much :) we always have an overflowing case...but here they're 1/3 the size of a trash can and we recyle everything! good luck boys!