Sunday, April 19, 2009

Father and Sons Outing

On Friday all the boys headed out of town to a camping site near Payson, AZ for their annual Father and Sons outing. They left around 10am to get there and help set things up. Here are some of the pictures from their very fun trip.

Scott said there were about 30 dads and many, many children. Everyone got along, no one was lost or hurt and everyone said they'll need to do this again soon.

The only negative thing, I heard, was is was VERY cold. They could see snow where they were camping. None of the boys slept very well because they kept waking up shivering. They did have to leaver early because Scott had another activity he was in charge of here on campus. I am glad they had this time to share together.


Mamathom and Papathom said...

So glad that they had a great time. Maybe it will be warmer next time. I am sure when they got back to Mesa, they warmed up. Thanks for the pictures and updates. Love you

Jace said...

so fun! what do you do while they're gone though i must ask:) the girls and i always have a little girls night with facials and chick flicks :) we're gearing up for our night in a few weeks! just wondering if you got to have a fun night without all those cute men in your life!