Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tis the season!

Oh man, I just remembered some of my favorite things about summertime. Yeah, yeah there's the warm weather, sunshine, pools, boating, tan, outside....But here are some of my extra special favorite things about summertime.

Corn on the cob! YUM!
Watermelon! Double YUM!
Fresh strawberries! Yum, Yum, Yum!
Last but defiantly not least fresh strawberry pie (with whipped cream!)

We've been buying strawberries for several weeks now. We eat them whole, cut up with a dash of sugar on them, or dipped in chocolate.

These last 2 weeks I've bought 4 watermelons. We just can't stop eating them. 1 was so-so, but the others were great! It's always a guessing game on choosing the perfect watermelon. Now that I am thinking of it, we just finished the last one off yesterday. I need to make a watermelon run soon! :)

For dinner tonight we ate corn on the cob with our meal, YUMMY. All my boys and I really enjoy corn. Usually I just put them in a pot of boiling water. But, sometimes I put a little butter on it wrap it in foil and cook it on the BBQ. 2 years ago when I had braces, it was a nightmare. I couldn't eat it very well. I had to cut it off the cob. Just not the same....

I have called Marie Callendar's a couple times to see if they have fresh strawberry pies yet. Nope. They say not until June. WHAT? Don't they know I can't wait that long? :) Oh, man those pies are goooood!

What are YOUR favorite things about summertime??


peachytiffers said...

I LOVE Marie Callendar's strawberry pie!!! That was usually my birthday treat of choice. YUM!! Do you go to the Superstition Farmer's market? I go there at least once a week. They've got good produce and great prices!

Kara Miller said...

Yes yes and yes!!!!! Sweet corn in the summertime is the BEST! I just bought a watermelon last week and it wasn't very good :( I need to try out another one! Honeydew is another summer fav of mine :)

Chandy said...

I've never really had any strawberry pie, but now you've got thinking about it! :-)

Chandy said...

Oh yeah, road trips and swimming are our two favorites then bbq and fruits!