Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have to....

What do YOU have to do every day? (Yeah, yeah, eat, sleep, potty, snug a bug with the kiddos, clean the house) What is something maybe strange or something that you're addicted to that you have to do everyday?

  • I have to stretch everyday. Yeah, sometimes it's 5 minutes and other days it's 25 minutes.
  • I have to check my e-mail and log onto facebook everyday. E-mail for my business and facebook for fun! :)
  • I don't have to do this, I just end up doing this everyday, calling my mom. There is always something happening in our family or one of the boys says something hilarious that I have to share with my mom.
  • I have to water my garden everyday.
  • Review puppy training tricks with Coop.

What is something you have to do at least once a week? (Yeah, yeah, church, school, work, chores, shopping what else?)

  • A family activity of some kind.
  • Take a nice long tubby time with candles, bubbles and a good book.

Man, mine are kind of boring. Please share something weird about YOU!!


Chandy said...

Ok, my daily routine is to make sure the kids are out the door for school, check on the potted plants at the front (our neighbors scared us about possibly having my nice urns stolen, lol), balance the checkbook (still getting used to online billpay) and testing out different tablescapes to build up my portfolio in my blog.

Weekly, I'd have to say FHE, walk a different route in the commplex, visit some friends and be outside with the kids while watering and deadheading. Also, sketching out different ways to decorate the apt to create more space and menu making. Call my mom since she doesn't like to pick up the phone.

Jace said...

i have to say goodbye to jace in the morning...no matter how early it is he's leaving...he has to hear that i love him :) then it's the battle of breakfast...they never want what i'm making so it ends up being smoothies or fruit which i prefer...we have our family scripture study back up in my huge bed so everyone can be snuggled in a circle together without distractions and then we have prayer and come back downstairs to start school. i'm doing great if i can get it all done by lunch...
laundry is always a priority in our house! it's always moving so it's on the back of my mind at all times...on really good days i soak up a few moments with each kid individually...on busier days i'm focused on at least reading to the little ones for a few minutes...then it's tidy the house before daddy gets home which unfortunately, usually makes me crabby just in time for his arrival :) we have dinner together and kiss him goodbye before he heads off to meetings...then get all the kiddos into bed and it's my time...

to do dishes, tidy the home again and prep for the next day :)
i take great joy in the watering of my garden and getting to see nature work its magic...that's my daily delight...and knitting blankets for all the babies in the family being born! tonight though, jace doesn't have any meetings so i feel the need to celebrate!
oh...and morning and night i have to rotate my sprouting on the counter to insure proper circulation :) i love my sprouts!

rachel said...

Eat something sweet!! Read scriptures with Colby over the phone. . . weird huH?

peachytiffers said...

Unfortunately I am not a structured person. I'm still trying to get in ANY sort of routine. The only thing I can think of is checking my email. And kissing! :)