Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home Depot

The first Saturday of every month is Home Depot day! We have taken our boys there for years, and they just love it. They each have 3 or 4 Home Depot orange aprons, Home Depot Hats and many, many pins. For each craft the child does they receive a collectors pin that they can wear on their apron.

So you do this?

It's fun for boys and girls!

Even when we're on vacation we'll find a Home Depot and go do the activity. Will does the entire project on his own now. Jackson is almost there. Tyler and Gavin need a little more help but they still hold pieces together and hammer away. There are children's hammers and children's goggles for them to use. The boys love to wear the goggles and use the smaller hammers.


Chandy said...

I think I'll start inquiring in our Home Depot, that sounds wonderful! Thanks for the tip Lori!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

Paul does that with Seth and they have a ball. Way to go to those little carpenters - they may build you a mansion one of these days. Thanks for the post.

Virginia Janet said...

Nice pics.!! My kids are too like Home Depot workshop. They always have a good time there.