Tuesday, April 28, 2009


OK. For the past few years, I have really started to love the color PINK! There are so many boy things and boys games, boy colors, boy, boy, boy, oh boy! All over my home. So here is a list of the PINK things I have. Yes, some are pretty random!

Here is what is in my bathroom:
PINK toothbrush
PINK flowers
PINK vinyl sign that states, "Once a princess, always a princess"
PINK robe
PINK towels
PINK candles
PINK razor
PINK soap
PINK Ralph Lauren travel case
PINK face lotion (Oil of Olay)
PINK nail file
PINK deodorant (Soft & Dry)
PINK retainer case
PINK bubble bath
PINK bottle of shaving cream

PINK mat on my night stand
PINK flower
PINK vase
PINK chap stick
PINK clothes (I am buying more and more lately!)

PINK flowers
PINK post-its
PINK thank you cards
PINK pens
PINK scissors
PINK business cards

Kitchen/Dining Room:
PINK Kitchenaid mixer
PINK bowls
PINK can opener
PINK flowers on the table
PINK colander
PINK spatula
PINK tongs
PINK measuring cups
PINK measuring spoons
PINK cutting knife

PINK wallet
PINK gardening mat
PINK shovel
PINK gardening tools


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

okay, then you're gonna love this! i was at toys r us last week and looking through the games because, well, i love games! they have a pink scrabble game and another pink game that had they not been so much $ i would have bought on the color alone! they were totally girled up and i loved them!

Chandy said...

Ha, ha, ha! I guess you'll be prone to "pink-itis" too if you're the only girl in the house! :-)

I feel the same way with purple. I don't like too colorful home and since we move a lot, I opted for earthtone neutrals, but my MB is decked out in my fave color, Purple! It's my sanctuary!

Belle said...

oh yeah! I have a PINK phone too!

DoryQueen said...

So what does Scott think of all that pink? Garth doesn't mind that I'm a purple freak. We painted our dining room a shade of lavender. Next I'm going to change the bedroom to purple. My kids tease me for all the purple I have. I've liked purple since I was 5, but lately I've gone overboard. Life's to be enjoyed, right? Love, love your blog!!